The city of Yogyakarta has a long and rich history, documented in Indonesian literature. It was founded in 1755, when the Sultanate of Mataram, which had been in existence since the 8th century, was divided by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) under the Treaty of Giyanti into two parts: the Sultanate of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, with Yogyakarta as its capital, and Surakarta Hadiningrat, with Surakarta as its capital. 

Description: A western woman try to reach the statue of Budha which believes can make a wish come true, Photo By: Charles Breijer, Source:

Description: Borobudur Before Restoration, Date: 1905 - 1915, Photo: Archive from University of Leiden, Source:

Description: Some deer walking through the grounds of the Hindu temple complex of Prambanan, Photo: Charles Breijer, Source:

Description: Women working in a workshop to draw batik patern on a fabric with canting, Indonesia (1947), Photo: Charles Breijer, Source:

Description: Students from the Art Academy in Yogyakarta sculpt in clay portrait head from a live model, Indonesia, Photo: Charles Breijer, Source:

Description: The entrance canopy over the main entrance of a colonial hotel in Yogyakarta, renamed Hotel Merdeka, Indonesia (Today Hotel INA Garuda), Photo: Charles Breijer, Source:

Description: Man with keris, Date: 1880 - 1885, Source:

Description: Silversmith - Kota Gede, Jogjakarta, Source:

Description: Pedestrian at Jalan Malioboro, Jogjakarta, Photo: Charles Breijer, Source: