A new boutique resort equipped with world-class eco-friendly tourism facilities - the Plataran Borobudur (PLB), located on the hills of Tanjungan Village, Magelang in Central Java, five minutes from the great Borobudur Temple & one hour and half drive from Jogjakarta International Airport. 

The resort offers an outstanding view of the Borobudur Temple, Mount Merapi, Menoreh Hill and surrounded by lush teak forests. Be amazed of an unforgettable experience of sunrise over Borobudur from the wooden deck, where you get the impression that wherever you go, the Borobudur Temple follows. 

Plataran Borobudur is equipped with various excellent facilities, among them are the Patio Lounge & Restaurant which offers a variety of fine dining international and Indonesia cuisine, the Padma SPA & Yoga Club with its concept of detoxification, luxurious Villas with private pools, Paddy Field Cabana a monastic retreat – Spartan but comfortably cozy – ideal for serene contemplation and meditation, an escape from stress and worry and the madding crowd, traditional contemporary – unique, a large main Swimming Pool, Borobudur Cultural Heritage Theater, and Menoreh Open Air Deck. Various activities conducted by special and warm staffs also available to ensure an absolute experience while staying at The Plataran Borobudur

Villa With Private Pool

A Javanese Style Bedroom

Outdoor Bathroom with a colonial style touch

Spa Facilities

Surrounded by natural beauty, let nature’s hidden treasures infuse you with a sense of calm like no other. Enter the peaceful sanctuary of Padma Spa Borobudur.

Amidst the sensual floral scents, unwind your body and mind as you discover your inner harmony.

Activities - Bicycle Tour

Starting at our "Lobby", this mind blowing bicycle tour winds down through 10 km of lush valleys, Javanese villages, green rice fields. Expert guide will ride with you all the way and explain the history of the land, the culture and its people, making it even more unforgettable experience that will remain with you long after your leave. A moment rest at a local village for having fresh coconuts juice, Duration: 2 hours Distance from PLataran.

Seasonal Activities - Be Part of Daily Local Activities

Plowing the rice field will be a great experience for you. You will get acquainted with nature, rice, muddy soil and buffalo. You will also work together with the buffalo and fell the mud under you. One of our native activities which no longer meet in big city. Learn how to plan paddy will be an additional activity.

Activities - Elephant Ride

Experience beautiful rural atmosphere by riding trained elephants as your introduction. See the beautiful scenery and native activities. An original smile and greetings along the way. Just like a King and Queen who pass through the village surrounding. If you wish to ride this tame animals we can also arrange it for you.

Activities - Andong Ride Tour

Indonesia has some traditional transportation that look really unique. Local people are very fond of them for its affordable fare and massive availability. Andong, a horse carriage, is one of them. It can fit three to four peoples facing each other. Andong is very popular and used in every rural village or small town in Java. Enjoy this traditional way of moving around the villages and discover how actually beautiful it is to move at a Slow Pace. Duration: 1,5 hours Distance from PLataran: 30 minutes driving

Activities - Handicraft

See the process of making pottery in the traditional way. You will have fun fiddling around with small lumps of clay and get skilled turning it into what you want to express, you will experience the proudest moment of artistic creation when you see your work in beautiful shape, texture and color with a very personal touch from you. Klipoh village located in about 15 minutes drive from Plataran, You can choose the Andong Village Tour or Village Cycling Tour for this excursion.

Activities - Safari

Borobudur known well as one of a biggest Buddhist monument in the world, the history of itself is quite interesting, so that it became a huge magnet for people from all over the world to come and to learn more about the history of the monument itself. But still, learning about the history of this monument is not that complete enough, not without try to understand and to experience what happens outside of the temple itself, which is their Village life. Our hotel PLataran Borobudur Resort & SPA, tried to response that by making a tour package of a village safari using an open safari bus. Village Exploration should be a nice thing to do to know all about the village life.

Home industries visit such as, tofu, glass noodle, or even a pottery. A good expectation for us is that we can finally find a runaway place from a stressing thing on our daily life


Plataran Borobudur is part of the resorts and hotels owned by Plataran Indonesia, whose resorts and hotels are located also in Bali, Puncak - West Java, Jakarta new property at Ubud - Bali & Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island and upcoming project at Bromo and Sumba.

The Plataran Borobudur

Dusun Tanjungan, Borobudur, 


Jawa Tengah 56553, 


Home: +62 293 788 888 

Fax: +62 293 788 699

Email: info@plataranborobudur.com