The famous charcoal coffee from Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Hot, strong, and sweet coffee with a burning hot coal right from the furnace, floating in the coffee!
These are the stories how one man revolutionized coffee in Central Java by adding hot charcoal to your coffee which believe can help soothe upset stomach... 

Kopi Joss: Charcoal Coffee in Jogjakarta | CNN Travel | By Sara Schonhardt

Groups of men gather in the early evening to chat and grab a snack before heading home for dinner.

James Clark wrote in his travel chronicles - Nomadic Notes about Kopi Joss - the Charcoal Coffee of Jogjakarta

Charcoal Coffee from Indonesia (Kopi Joss) - Do you dare?

An Interview (in Bahasa Indonesia) by Vagabond Quest

Kopi Joss - Jogjakarta see different image of Kopi Joss taken by visitors

There are a row of kopi Joss stall close to Tugu Station (Central Station) an open from 4:00 PM - Are you ready to taste hot charcoal in your Coffee?